How popular really are the dating apps

With the rise of online dating, so many people have switched from traditional dating methods to online dating apps when looking for people who are also single and ready to mingle. While not everyone may admit that they are in a dating app in the fear of people looking at their profile, it is no question that these dating apps are one of the biggest earners in the market. So how popular really are the dating apps we use?

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Dating apps in numbers

Dating apps have already been existing for more than five years, but only boomed in 2016 with 240.9 million app users worldwide. Last 2021, this number jumped to 323.9 million users. A great factor for this growth is due to the pandemic, forcing people to stay back home to avoid contracting and spreading the disease. Due to this, most people-centric services, such as Cleveland escorts services have been greatly affected by this, thus pushing many escorts to move in online dating apps to look for potential clients. 

In addition to the increase of users worldwide, in a recent study, 19% of the internet users in the United States have shared that they were currently using an online dating application. Furthermore, 27% of the participants claimed to have used an online dating application or platform in the past.

Preferred dating platform by LGBTQ+ users

In a study shared by Pew Research, 55% of LGBTQ+ adults claimed that they have used a dating application, compared to 28% of heteronormative adults. Interestingly enough, around 21% of the LGBTQ online daters claimed that they have met their long-term partners through a dating platform, compared to straights users at only 11%

LGBTQ-focused apps like Grindr for gay men and Her for lesbians are very popular and have a very big userbase. Grindr’s feature has made more men be able to meetup and date without the fear of mislabeling someone they meet in person as gay. Many closeted individuals are also free enough to express their sexuality through the anonymity that some online dating applications and platforms provide. 

Safe space for women

With Bumble letting women do the first move when they match with men, this gives the ladies the freedom to steer the conversation and be able to weed out the creeps and undeserving ones. This helped Bumble to be one of the more preferred dating apps out there as this empowers women to be in charge with their dating life and be able to show that not only men can initiate a conversation that can lead to their potential long-term partner. While this empowers women, this, however, still does not guarantee that their match is good for them.

In conclusion

We all have needs, and with the rise of digitizing almost everything, it is truly a great feat that online dating has become very accessible to everyone who has a phone and an internet connection. And while not everyone may admit it, the wide use of these dating apps has proven itself a success by all the success stories shared by the people who tried it.